Primo Rico: I bought Bitcoin in 2014 for about R$ 1500 and sold everything, this was my biggest mistake

Youtuber Primo Rico reveals that he bought Bitcoin when cryptomeda was worth around R$ 1500 and ended up selling everything in 2014, „This was my biggest mistake“.

Youtuber Thiago Nigro, known as Primo Rico, revealed to his followers on twitter that his biggest mistake, in the field of investments, was to sell the Bitcoin Pro he had bought in 2014.

Nigro did not reveal the amount he invested in the main cryptomeda of the market, however, he attached in the post a print of the purchase he made in the exchange BitcoinToYou.

The digital influencer revealed that he made the purchase on July 1, 2014, at the time Bitcoin was quoted at about R$ 1500 in Brazil.

However, 2014 was not a high year for BTC and since when Nigro bought his Bitcoins, in July, until the end of that year BTC lost 50% of its value, closing the year being traded at R$ 887 in the country.

Nigro may have made the same mistake twice

Nigro’s posting is followed by a series of comments from his followers, most of them recommending that Nigro does not make the same mistake again and buy Bitcoin even with BTC being priced at over $100,000 (at the time of writing).

„Buy now that in 6 years you won’t have the same regret“, declared one of your followers.

But the purchase and sale of Thiago Nigro’s Bitcoin in 2014 was not the ‚farewell‘ to youtuber of cryptomoedas and he may have made the same mistake twice.

Nigro publicly announced that he had bought about $ 100,000 in Bitcoins in 2019 using XDEX, the crypto company of XP Investimento’s partners which ended up closing the doors.

When Nigro bought his ‚position‘ in BTC (XDEX did not allow the purchase of the cryptoactive itself) he was quoted at $ 35,161 in Brazil and the youtuber would have about 2,8441 Bitcoins.

However, XDEX announced the closing of its activities on March 31, 2020 and asked all its clients to close their positions and, in case Nigro had done the same, he again may have had a loss.

At the time BTC was quoted at $ 32,769 and therefore, according to estimates Nigro would have ‚transformed‘ its $ 100,000 in $ 93,198.

If youtuber had maintained its position he would have today around $ 284,423.65.

However other declarations of Nigro can suggest that he still has exposure to the cryptoNormal market.

At the beginning of 2020 youtuber said that he prefers to invest in Bitcoin and cryptomoedas than to apply in gold.