Will the 2,000 US dollar mark now fall?

Ethereum breaks records: Is the 2,000 US dollar mark about to fall?

Ethereum sets two new records at once and Nvidia releases special Etherum mining hardware. Is the next all-time high just a matter of time?

While nervousness is rising on the stock markets, Bitcoin (BTC) has reached a new all-time high Crypto Comeback Pro and Ethereum can also benefit from this. Some traders even think a rise to 2,000 US dollars is likely soon.

Within the last 24 hours, the Ethereum price rose by 2.24 percent. As ETH has not only broken a record in the last few days, there are currently many indications that a new all-time high is only a matter of time.

The last all-time high was 1,950.98 US dollars. At the time of going to press, ETH is only a few dollars away from the last high, with a price of 1,937 US dollars.

New Ethereum record on the CME

One week after the launch of Ethereum futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the daily trading volume has already exceeded 75 million US dollars. Futures are derivative contracts in which two parties agree to trade an asset at a specific price on a specific date. Futures contracts are binding and, unlike options, must be executed regardless of the market price of the asset on the expiration date.

The institutional demand for ETH futures is enormous. The combined value of all futures contracts (open interest) is already at $62 million, according to Glassnode.

Nevertheless, data from Skew shows that a large part of the volume is still generated by crypto exchanges such as Binance, Huobi or OKEx. Therefore, the CME is still very small compared to other derivatives trading platforms. But the developments of the last week have shown that more and more institutional investors are using ETH futures. For this reason, among others, it can be assumed that the volume on the CME will increase in the coming weeks.